Hello and welcome! I'm Julia.

I am a real live human person in Richmond, VA. I am using this as a space to write and share my thoughts. It is also a place for me to share my journey in the Art IV class at Maggie Walker. Mostly, I am discovering what mediums and artistic interests I have, and then leaning into them. However, my greatest interest lies in art facilitation, appreciation, and commentary. I am also passionate about plant-based food and wild/weird/colorful jewelry. You don't have to read this, but if you want to that'd be cool. It's more of an impassioned shout into the void.


Artist Statement

I grew up in a household where nature was like a third parent. As a result, I have great respect and love for this strange being that houses us. My early work has a strong emphasis and comment on the human relations to nature. Many pieces employ elements of nature to pose questions about what we consider to be natural and correct in our society. The common thread that runs through my past and current pieces is a comment on how we, as people, relate to nature, history, and culture. My art often seeks to make the viewer question their fast held beliefs that are, undoubtedly, a result of society. I use art to explore the issues and topics surrounding  feminism, womanhood, social justice, and queerness.

My work is content driven, and thus I utilize a variety of media. It is important to me to not be bound by the use of a specific media. In this manner, I can adapt and mold the materials and techniques which I have at my disposal to best convey the content of the work. I hope for my art to be a curious and constant exploration of both ideas and materials.

My current work came out of an interest which I have in second-wave feminist manifestos. The manifestos are from groups which splintered off or were excluded from the main women’s movement. While many are extremely radical, it is important to me to examine and highlight what can be learned from these often forgotten groups of women. How did their movements contribute to the larger struggle for equality? What can be learned from this time period in terms of the dire need for an intersectional feminism? Currently, I have worked in a series of multi-media paintings. In the future, I will to continue to work with manifestos using different media.