Process Post

 What did you do?  

This week we began figure drawing with Tommy Van Auken and worked on home projects outside of class. It had been a VERY long time since a drew a realistic figure of any kind and jumping back into it was a bit scary. I felt pretty nervous the first day, but considering it all, I was kind of proud of my gestures. The second day when we did longer studies did not go as well. My original gestures were not as strong and the ran into the whole piece. I was a bit all over the place and could not focus on just drawing the figure. I kept giving myself a lot of critique in my head, which really does not help when you are in the middle of drawing. I think that made me get stuck and a bit paralyzed. Hoping to work on this in our lessons next week.

Did you use your time well?  

In the figure drawing class, I felt like I used my time well. Outside of class, I could have done a better job. I have only worked on my home project a little bit and need to dig into that more this weekend.

What obstacles are you facing in your work?

Mostly the obstacles I am facing are not starting or letting myself really dig into something. This is a bit of a personal problem on which I need to work. Also confidence, always need to work on my confidence and willingness to try something even if it means I may make “bad art,” what ever that is.

Do you need specific help?

The only specific help I may need will be some conversations about my home project. There is a part where I will stencil letters and would like some guidance there.