Process Post

What did you do?

This week we continued doing figure drawing with Tommy and I worked on my home project. We did subtractive figure drawing AND IT CLICKED! I may not be a the best best best at figure drawing, but my subtractive drawings of Jerome on Monday made me really proud. I felt like I really improved. My final drawing could have been a bit better, but I think that I grew a TON in the time that we did have. My home project is finished being painted and now I just have to choose the final font for the text, project it, trace it, and paint it.

Did you use your time well?

I think that I did use my time well. The figure drawing classes were set out for us and I put aside specific time to work on painting my home project.

What obstacles are you facing in your work?

Mostly finding the set aside time to do it. I am also a little worried about the reactions of other people to my work, but this is a problem we know about and that I need to work on getting over.

Do you need specific help?

Yes! I could use help when it comes time to project the letters onto my painted piece and trace them. I will probably have to do this after school sometime next week or the week after.