Process Post

Artist’s Statement:

This piece explores the limits of the artificial worlds which we create through a perceived notion of civilization and advancement.  While something such as this vintage AT&T phone was once seen to be on the vanguard, now it can be found at the bottom of a bin at the Goodwill Outlet store and purchase for a mere 50 cents. It has been thrown away, discarded and forgotten by those who have moved on to better things. However, these relics of the past, these commodities of yore, cannot return to the Earth. They are unnatural and will be stuck on our planet as they are, whole and undecaying. Through contrasting the artificiality of the phone with the naturalness of the soil, the future issues that may arise in terms of environment, waste, and leftover carnage of advancement can be seen.


What did you do?

This week, I finished the installing the piece. I had to go out and buy more dirt at Lowe’s in order to increase the scale of the piece. Finally, I created a pile of dirt in the corner of the hallway and placed the phone in it.

Did you use your time well?

I think I did use my time well. I spent most of the time working through the idea for the piece and choosing where to install it. I had a bit of a setback from missing a studio day unintentionally, but recovered from that.

What obstacles are you facing?

Mostly, the obstacles I am facing are sticking to one theme or project idea. I have a lot of ideas and sometimes do not follow through with them. I’ll start one piece and then get a new idea and want to abandon it and jump along to the next idea/project. I need to work on slowing down and really digging into the ideas.