Process Post

I started off with this old telephone which I found in the Goodwill Outlet Store. (Which is the best place ever because Goodwill is already a thrift store, so the outlet is the BEST since everything is cheap and pay by the pound.) I bought it because I was feeling sad and uninspired, and the phone actually sparked my interest. It looked like a weird and abandoned relic of the past, especially out of place when place in my house where nothing like it has been seen for many years.

When started with the phone, I had the idea that it should be placed in a pile of dirt. This seemed like the perfect place for something that was left behind or something which society had moved beyond. I was hesitant to move beyond the safe place of the canvas, so I bought a wooden canvas on our PLAZA trip. After chatting with Coach Hall, I realized that maybe the canvas was not necessary. Why was I used it? What did it say in relation to the content of the piece? Nothing, really, except that I didn’t want to make a mess with the dirt. Thus, the canvas was ditched and I was making a full on sculpture piece now!

After some more time thinking on what exactly I wanted to do with the phone, I bought some dirt at Lowe’s. Then it was time to find a place to install the piece. I scouted out about four locations that felt right. I liked them all best because they had a white backdrop which I prefered aesthetically and which felt right for the content of the piece. I settled on the one near the art room because it had the best corner in which to stack dirt.

I then taped up the corner with Tyvek a bit too high so I could cut it down after I got the dirt laid out correctly. The dirt was poured out. I played around in it and started to arrange it. That’s where I am right now. Playing around in the dirt and trying to find the best configuration before finalizing it.