Experience - Lunchtime Lecture with John Freyer

On Wednesday at lunch, John D. Freyer came to give a Lunchtime Lecture. I was not able to attend, but I watched the livestream afterwards at home.

Freyer does conceptual art with a social practice element. He said his work is usually something that the general public does not understand right away. This makes sense as both conceptual art and social practice art can be some of the least accepted or understood, especially by those outside of the art world. Since there is not always fine technical skill, people assume that the work is not as valid or they simply move on because they do not understand it. This is something which I am experiencing a lot with my Senior Show currently on display. People I hear in the hallway either say, “I don’t get it…” or “I have a lot of questions…” or “Oh, that’s interesting!” In navigating this divide, Freyer stated that he usually names his pieces exactly what they are.

Image via  Free Ice Water

Image via Free Ice Water

Another cool aspect of Freyer’s practice is his knowledge from his substance abuse recovery. He uses his art such as “Free Ice Water” to connect people and have them learn from each other. I love this idea and think it’s a really healing. Especially with “Free Ice Water,” his method of completing the art work with the signatures on the water jar and then sending them out into the world is fascinating. Freyer talks about receiving a gift through recovery and then giving back that gift to others.

Image via  John D. Freyer

Image via John D. Freyer

I was also really into Freyer’s project called “All My Life for Sale.” This was such a fascinating art idea. So radical!