Attempting a Finger on the Sartorial Pulse of MLWGS

Originally published in the "Identity" issue of Fringe Magazine

I’m done with fashion. I cannot help but think this as I scroll through Instagram and see yet another influencer wearing the exact look from the window of a Zara or those blasted Gucci loafers. The outfit is a little too on trend. It feels oddly mechanical. Style taken straight from the runway or fast fashion store to your closet is not wrong. Personally, I do not find it interesting in the least. With a sole celebration of the regurgitation of trends, how exactly can fashion get   anywhere? How can it stay relevant and creative? No, what I crave is personal style; people who leave the suffocation of what one “should” or “must” wear at the door. The idea that a person must be “fashionable” to be photographed for a fashion publication or to have their clothing recognized is simply ridiculous.

Thus, I wanted to seek out unique personal style and present it in an editorial format. The styles of dress at Maggie Walker are vast and varied. Finding out what people think about their ensembles on a particular day was wildly fascinating. And many of those I spoke with would not consider themselves “on trend” or “fashionable.” Yet, they have something greater than either of those things. They have the kernel of self-knowledge and confidence that allows for unrestrained, honest to goodness expression.

Photographs by the lovely Alicen Potts